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how to pick asparagus

How To Pick The Perfect Asparagus

We know how thrilled everyone is that asparagus season is finally here and it might just be that pick me up we all need. Who else has missed chucking some asparagus on the barbecue or adding it to their favourite salads and curries? But before you start cooking up your favourite meals, you’ll need to get your hands on the asparagus first either from our farm shop or fresh from the field if you pick it yourself. If you choose the latter option, here’s how to pick the perfect asparagus to enjoy however you fancy it!

  1. Pop to our farm shop and pick up a paper bag to store your asparagus while you’re out in the field.
  2. Wander down to our picking field and choose which row you want to stick to. It’s always best to stay in one row as stepping across into another can damage the asparagus.
  3. Find the asparagus spear you’d like to pick, hold it at the very bottom and snap it. There is no need for a knife as the asparagus is so fresh, it snaps so easily! Before you snap the asparagus, make sure you’re doing it as low to the ground as possible to ensure you’re getting as much spear as you can.
  4. Once you’ve picked enough asparagus, head back up to the farm shop for a member of our team to weigh it for you so you can pay.
  5. Go home and start cooking up a storm with your freshly picked asparagus or store it standing up in a glass of water (like you would flowers) in the fridge to keep it fresher for longer.

Asparagus really is so easy to pick and the perfect summer vegetable to enjoy in hundreds of recipes. If you have any asparagus meal ideas of your own which you’d love to share, please email them to us and we’ll give them a go!